There is no end, no no, to this big galaxy

A flock of birds in flight, rainbows, starry nights

Luminescent creatures in the deep blue sea

Never fails to amaze me, this magic world so full of mystery

So come away with me and we’ll run wild

Forget about your electronics for a while

yeah yeah yeah yeah


A milion stars shining bright in the night sky spark our fantasies

Dreaming up our own constellations, just you and me

The same old view, but this time

We’ll make our own storyline


Wind that blows through leaves as we walk by sing a symphony

Rain that falls in soft pitter patter no longer bothers me

The same sounds, but this time

We’ll hear music sublime


nah nah nah nah nah

Funny you remember things so differently

Looking back on our past, I wanna see what you see

‘Cause you don’t seem to have no bruises on your soul

Act as if you got every little thing under control


Misery don’t cling to you

You wear a smile and ease on through

What you like, you’l bring along

And don’t care if it’s right or wrong